Archived educational and competitive robotics pages


BBC2's Technogames Robot olympics competition


    'Wide mouthed frog' a high-jumping robot, rubber band powered

       animation of the jumping action

       design factors



    Cyber snail, a robot snail entered optimisticaly in the legged sprint competition



   Wide mouthed frog rides again. a 'dual hovercraft' self balancing bicycle




  Roboteer in residence for Wales


British Council 

  Junk robotic masterclasses Beijing




School and LEA events

  Events for schools, inspiring the next generation of Engineers

  High jump frog, a cardboard version of the Technogames wide-mouthed frog

  Robotic fish, a swimming fish made from polish bottles

  Wiggling robots, organic movements 

  Walking crab , an adaption of the walking hand design for schools

  Dragonfly, a solar powered flapping dragonfly

  Miniature radio controlled 'robot wars' robots,  the starting point for footballing robots