Events for schools


Many children see programs such as ‘Robot Wars’, ‘Technogames’ and ‘Scrapheap Challenge’, and are hooked, but don’t know how to get started.

Adrian has developed a range of ‘Introduction to competitive robotics events’ for schools and colleges on behalf of the BBC, local authorities, various engineering bodies, and of course at the request of individual schools.

They try to match the resources available in schools, recognising that (apart from minimising the spend on specialist bits) the ‘make do and build from junk’ approach encourages the children to explore their surroundings with a enquiring new look- ‘what could I make this into!!!!’

The events aim to give maximum buzz quickly to harness the initial enthusiasm, and where possible include competitive elements and offer students the opportunity for continuing development (and are linked into the curriculum at every opportunity!)

As well as the events and challenges described on other pages, Adrian has run events ranging from year 3 ‘Scrapheap Challenge’ to paint-roller racing at a technical college.