What is 'Crafty Tech'


 Conventionally there are two routes to automation:

A Low Tech approach tends to be reliable, robust and cheap, but often lacks flexibility.

A High Tech approach which adds levels of technology to give a sophisticated flexible system, but which often has high initial costs.

We believe that there's a middle way, a simple, often elegant solution which can give high tech performance with the reliabilty and cost of a low tech solution.


We call this 'Crafty Tech', the application of some cunning device or principle to greatly simplify the complexity of the solution required.



It's all about approriate solutions to tricky problems.


Sort of works for some of the time, but low capital investment
Appropriate solution, optimised for a particular use
Over engineered, expensive



Director Adrian Marshall has championed this approach since the 90's when his row re-aligning system the 'Marshalling Yard' was inspired by the simultaneous arrival of surfers at the beach.


After 19 years as an automation and control specialist for RHM Technology, supporting the Rank Hovis McDougall group of food companies, he formed Crafty Tech in 2002 to offer the same skills to the wider food industry. 


In 2012 with Investor support he formed the spin out company Crafty Machines, with the sole rights for International exploitation of his 3d shaping system.


but not all machinery inspirations occur on holiday!

Past Clients


We have a diverse and International range of Clients and contacts, mainly in the food industry, but we also get involved in technogy transfers from food into the pharmaceutical and automotive industries.


Much of our early work was in collaboration with the Food Processing Faraday Partnership

Industry contacts and clients