Various roles crafty Tech has offered

Feasibility studies


Often, a novel design needs validation of key elements to convince the end user and machinery manufacturer of the feasibility of the suggested approach.


Crafty Tech will build enough of the novel elements to demonstrate the validity of the proposed technique.


This may involve mathematical modelling, fundamental science, rig building, experimental work, and process monitoring and control.


Instrumentation and logging
Experimentation to quantify issues
Data logging and presentation to understand issues

For example, after an enquiry about Health and Safety issues when moving 1/2 ton tanks of sauce, we identified caster wheel action as a significant cause.


A test wheel was instrumented and monitored, and the results identified a number of  ways of substantially reducing the effort to get the tanks moving.


Potential designs were then built and their performance quantified, enabling proposals for roll out (!) of the technique to be produced.