A football robot, swimming fish made from a spray polish bottle, Technogames sprint competition, and robot soccer

Educational Robotics


By taking part in and running educational and competitive robotics events, Adrian Marshall the Director of Crafty Tech aims to inspire the next generation of engineers, (whilst also having fun himself!).


For 6 months he was the BBC's  'Roboteer in residence'  running an extended series of robotics events in schools and colleges across Wales.


Nearer to home has worked with local councils doing 'family learning' events, and enrichment events at schools, clubs and Science fairs, and residential summer schools.


Credits to date include a series of one-off events at MOSI , Channel 4's Scrapheap Challenge road show,  BBC 2's Technogames robot olympics (winning medals for the World's fastest snail, and a 5.3 m jump from an elastic band powered frog), and a trip to Bejing for the British Council to set up the Chinese version of Robot Wars.


Scrapheap challenge, with Robert and Lisa after the disappointing performance of our toilet-flush based arrow system
Cyber snail headlining in Bejing
Scorpian built at Princes Risborough after school robotics club
BBC2 Technogames high jump competition
Ref-bot for robot soccer events (with flipper!)
5.35 m jump from an elastic band, and the bronze medal


 He drives a mean 'refbot'  in his robot soccer sessions.


Educational Robotics

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