3d moulding


Crafty Tech has devised and developed a 'programable nozzle' which fits to an extruder or other feeder to allow it to continuously form complex 3d shapes.

This is now being commercialised by the investor supported spin-out company Crafty Machines.

Cunningly shaped moulding wheels deform a rod of paste
Other separated or continuous  shapes are of course possible by just changing the moulding wheels
Coupled to a VEMAG feeder, (145 teddies/minute)
Stop-motion animation of the moulding process

Using complex 3d geometrical manipulation we create multi-split moulding wheels whose inverse form gives the desired product shape.


These moulding wheels are then 3d printed in food grade plastic to give a highly flexible and easily changed alternative to hot filling and chilling of conventional flat moulds.


Suitable for ductile pastes, and patented Worldwide.