Technogames - 2003 Entrants


The Wide-mouthed frog

rides again

Cycling Competition




Cyber Snail

Light weight sprint








Ant-weight sprinter: about 100g


Son of Cyber Snail,–

Ant-weight sprinter: about 20g



A development on from Boltons brilliant ‘Loony cycle’, this modified scooter has an automatic self-balancing mechanism based on a high performance ducted fan blowing air through two conical nozzles, a bit like a Harrier jump jet.


By changing the airflow between the nozzles, the bike can be made to lean and hence steer.




For 2003 Cyber snail has been fitted with steering.

This is done using a radio controlled ‘beard’ whose angled bristles are turned by an inverted servo giving vectored thrust to the front of the snail which then turns, despite the Gyro trying to keep it straight.

Improved batteries and bristle positioning give a significant increase in speed.

See 2002 entrant page for more general details.



The hope was to encourage Technogames to run an ‘ant-weight sprint over a few metres.

Both the Centipede and son of Cyber Snail were built to demonstrate the possibilities, but no contest took place…. Maybe next year Mentorn?


A C02 powered 40 legged centipede based heavily on a hair brush, which walks with the correct ‘rippling leg’ action; slow but very stylish!


A miniature ‘pull start’ Cyber Snail for a 2m challenge, (ideal for the toy market!)