One of Crafty Tech’s objectives is to encourage innovative individuals into the engineering profession.

Director Adrian Marshall lectures to the profession on the practical side of ‘Innovating’, and has done over 50 talks with year 9 students through the ‘Opening Windows on Engineering’ scheme run by the Professional Engineering Institute.


He also aims to inspire robot builders of all ages with his regular entrants to BBC2’s Technogames ‘Olympics for robots’ competition.

His 2001 high jumper ‘wide-mouthed frog’ won Bronze medal, sprint entrant ‘Cyber Snail’ was in the viewers choice competition in 2002 and won bronze in 2003.

His self-balancing scooter “The wide mouthed frog rides again’ came fourth in the 2003 cycling contest.


In 2003 he became the BBC’s ‘Roboteer in Residence’ in Wales working in schools an colleges helping kids build robots, and he continues to give ‘Introduction to competitive robotics’ events at primary, secondary and family learning centres all over the country.


With Prof Noel Sharkey and 3 ‘Robot Wars’ Roboteers he devised and set up a televised robotics competition called ‘Symbio’ in Beijing, China on behalf of the British Council.