'DOORMAT' lane aligner


This is an un-blockable laneing system which can sort out totally random product.

In combination with the Marshalling Yard row aligner, you can put random product into grid format without touching it!


The conventional (low tech) way of getting product into discrete lanes is by using fixed metal laneing guides to nudge the product into straight lines.


This can’t work however if the alignment is so poor that there is no gap between products to start with, in which case fixed laneing guide block up.


Another (high tech) way is to add sensors and position controlled motors to steer the metal laneing guides to track the gaps, but this too fails if there are not consistent gaps between products.

There is however a crafty way!
The ‘Doormat’ has many angled rubber strips which take a ‘random’ vibration and direct it in a particular direction so that product can be made to converge into lanes.