Depositing and Instrumentation

‘RoRo gripper’

A highly compliant ‘roll-on roll-off’ gripper, ideal for unpredictable shaped, soft sticky stuff!


Non-contact gripper

A vacuum based gripper that suspends the object in an annular air flow… basically a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t swallow!


Hygienic depositor

A push only (no suck) crevice free low shear depositor for lumpy, viscous and shear sensitive materials.


‘Rapid depositor’

A method gearing up robotic actions to achieve high-speed parallel operation to simultaneously decorate multiple lanes of product.


3d moulder

Dynamically changeable nozzle or orifice to allow depositors or extruders to make arbitrarily complex 3d deposit shapes, with minimal tooling costs.


Product Encoder

A non-contact product speed sensor to allow optimal and automatic setting of conveyor speeds.